China Domain Registry Spam

Two things happen in close conjunction and suddenly the email that your email software thinks is spam, and you think is spam takes on that little bit of additional significance. You sense it’s a time waster but you just need to check.

We recently renewed our “LloydLaw” trade mark. Excellent service as always from Jensen & Son. That was the first thing. Then we received an email about the “lloydlaw Brand” from what purports to be the domain name registration centre in China. Is there such a thing? Were the two things connected? We have no idea. But on the face of it, it could be worrying:

“We received an application from Hai Tong Ltd on October 25, 2021. They want to register ” lloydlaw ” as their Internet Keyword and ” lloydlaw .cn “、” lloydlaw ” 、” lloydlaw “、” lloydlaw ” domain names, they are in China domain names. “

Other than transfer the email to the CEO it’s not actually clear what they want you to do, but you can obviously reply to the email or click on the web address provided in the email footer.

Of course, we did neither. Naturally suspicious of this sort of email we googled “china domain registry spam” where we found several entries including this excellent blog post from chartered trade mark attorneys Ward Trade Marks.

Given how easy it is to fall for this sort of thing, especially when someone thinks they are being proactive and responsive, it’s worth repeating their message that making everyone in your business or organisation aware of the latest scams is the best thing you can do.

As they say: “Knowledge is the best protection you can provide”.

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