Why do people fear lawyers?

A really good piece from Daniel Sokol, a barrister, which unpicks feelings that we have either heard, or assumed that clients and others have felt, over the years.

The taxi analogy – and the running clock is a good one – and a natural fear. But we, as solicitors, are duty bound to give estimates and revise them continually.

Then there’s the “head and heart” idea. Your heart feels particularly aggrieved and wants to hurt the other side and win convincingly. Yet, your head knows that it will be a long, painful and potentially expensive road to get to that point and you need to cooly consider how far down that road you are prepared to go. Lawyers are there to help people with that decision.

Like Daniel, almost all the lawyers we come across are excellent. Sometimes astoundingly so. Added to which they help and support clients and do the best job for them they can. It may not always work, because lawyers, like their clients, are human, but there should be nothing to fear.

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